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Charlie Banana® 2-in-1 Reusable Diapers (Sweet Cherries)

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We love cloth diapers for their many benefits. But after speaking with many cloth-diapering parents, we realized they were still buying disposable diapers for certain occasions, such as holidays and drop-offs with grandparents.

Charlie Banana diapers are a “2-in-1” reusable diaper system. It’s a cloth diaper but with a smart front panel that gives you the option of tucking in a disposable pad for those special occasions.


What Mums love about Charlie Banana:

1. They love that the fleece wicks the moisture away from my baby's bottom.
2. They love that the legs have an elastic band that I can adjust to fit her.
3. They love that there are extra snaps at the waist (allowing it to overlap) so that the diaper fits her snugly as she is tiny.
4. They love that the diaper will grow with her.
5. They love that I don't have to deal with pre folds or diaper covers.
6. They love that I am not adding to landfills (and save money!!).


What makes them so special?

Charlie Banana One Size or Size diapers are a 2-in-1 system. You can use washable inserts or disposable inserts. It's a diaper with options!

We recommend you stuff the inside with reusable inserts. However, we know there are times when you need to be able to use a disposable insert, for instance while traveling or when leaving your child with someone unaccustomed to cloth diapers.


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Sized versus One Size?


  • Some mothers prefer the Sized Diapers because no adjustments are needed and they always fit perfectly.
  • This is especially true for the size Small diapers. Many babies are very tiny at birth and it can be hard to fit a One Size diaper snugly.
  • To start, we recommend getting a couple of Sized and One Size diapers to see what you like best, and then add more of your favorite styles and colours as you wish.
  • Every baby is different and it is really a personal preference.
  • They are both great diapers. Really!!

Comparison Chart
* age is approximate it will depends on the size of your baby, this is based on an average size baby


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